If these walls could talk! The legendary Cactus Lounge is a place to enjoy your favorite cocktail while making memories. This lively lounge is a home away from home for our members to enjoy listening to live monthly music and enjoying the best appetizers in town.

Cactus Lounge Hours:

5:00pm -9:00pm* Wednesday-Friday

*Closing time will be extended until midnight if members are present

Dining Room Manners: To be respectful of fellow members, children always need to be attended to when inside the facility. Children are not allowed in the Cactus Lounge. Please refrain children from running loose.

Non-members must be accompanied by a member to enjoy the Cactus Lounge. No one under the age of 21 may enter the lounge area; this is an adult only lounge. No minor children allowed in Cactus Lounge.

Cactus LoungeDress Code:

Appropriate Attire:
Slacks or Country Club Denim or shorts properly sized, consistent color, worn at appropriate lengths, worn as manufactured, and country club appropriate.
Blouses and polo-style pullover shirts.

Inappropriate Attire:
Tank tops for men, anything that exposes the Mid-Drift, Cropped tops, etc.
It is the responsibility of each member to know, comply, and further, advise their guests of these standards to ensure full compliance.